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HIPAANow! for Pharmacies

HIPAANow! is the only HIPAA compliance solution that is:

HIPAA's regulations are complex to understand and implement. HIPAANow! buy zithromax makes it simple with step-by-step instructions and time-saving tools on planning for HIPAA, transactions, privacy, security, rolling HIPAA out to your staff and maintaining compliance.

Complete and Accurate
Our Toolkit is designed to make sure you consider every aspect of implementing your HIPAA plan, and give you the tools and processes to successfully implement HIPAA in your office.

There for You
HIPAANow! is the only solution that provides you with:

  • A training course that educates you on HIPAA and what steps you need to follow
  • A Toolkit that is centered around a Guide and Workbook. The Guide contains the step-by-step instructions for everything you need to do to become compliant. The Workbook includes the policies, forms, job descriptions, project plans, and all the information you need to comply with HIPAA. Our Pharmacy Addendum includes additional information, forms and policies that are specific to the needs pharmacies.
  • Customer service available over the phone or online to answer compliance questions.
  • A Support subscription that will keep you up-to-date on HIPAA news and changes to the Toolkit to maintain your HIPAA compliance.

HIPAANow! is recommended by:

  • Minnesota Pharmacists Association
  • Pharmacists Society of the State of New York
  • Lousiana Independent Pharmacy Association
  • North Dakota Pharmaceutical Association
  • Connecticut Pharmacies Association
  • Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association
  • Vermont Pharmacists Association
  • California Pharmacists Association
  • Florida Pharmacy Association
Are You Ready For HIPAA?
  • Do you know that patients have the right to amend and restrict access to their records and that you will need to track these activities?

  • Do you have the more than 60 written policies, procedures and forms required for the privacy and security of patient information?

  • Do you know if your clearinghouse or billing service is prepared to transmit properly formatted electronic claims to Medicare no later than October 16, 2003?

  • Will you have signed contracts with all your business associates by April 2003?

  • Do you know that you will have to post a Notice of Privacy Practices in a public place, hand a copy to each of your patients, and maintain a signed acknowledgement that they received it?

  • Are you aware that you are required to comply with the HIPAA Privacy regulations by April 14, 2003?