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Additional Information Sources on HIPAA
Listed below are recommended websites where you can find additional information on HIPAA and how it relates to dental and medical practices. There are literally tens of thousands of websites and resources on HIPAA - we've boiled it down to our few favorites.

The website for the Department of Health and Human Services, who is responsible for crafting the HIPAA legislation and enforcing it. Do a search on the drop-down menu on the home page for HIPAA, and you’re off and running.

A website dedicated to HIPAA by Phoenix Consulting, who provides a variety of HIPAA consulting solutions for large organizations. It is also contains HIPAA Live, an on-line dialogue on HIPAA issues. This site is recognized by HIPAA "insiders" as one of the most comprehensive on the Net.

The site for the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium. The Consortium is a public-private partnership that supports health policy development, technology planning and implementation, and improved decision making in the allocation and financing of healthcare. The site contains some good general information on HIPAA.

This is the website for the Health Privacy Project sponsored by Georgetown University. It includes a number of links and articles on the importance of privacy in healthcare, as well as a section that gives an overview of each state's laws on health care privacy and security.

This HIPAA site includes FAQs, resources, and an executive summary of the HIPAA's provisions.

Click on the HIPAA link at the site from The North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance to reach many HIPAA resources. NCHICA is an organization that actively promotes the advancement and integration of information technology into the healthcare industry.

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