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HIPAA Handouts

These handouts are short informational pieces created for small and medium sized healthcare provider offices to help educate on HIPAA and compliance solutions.

HIPAA Facts: What Health Care Providers Need To Know
What is HIPAA? Who Does HIPAA Affect? What Happens if I DonŐt Comply? The answers to these important questions are addressed in this introductory handout.

HIPAA Facts: Choosing a Solution
Did you know that HIPAA has three parts? It isn't just about Transactions or Privacy, there's more to it. This handout helps you to look at your options in becomming compliant.

HIPAA Facts: Compliance and Enforcement
"We heard that there is an extension for the HIPAA Privacy regulations." OR "We filed for an extension on transactions. Doesn't that give us longer to do privacy too?" Need answers to these questions? This handout will help you navigate through some important compliance and enforcement myths.

HIPAA Facts: The Truth Behind HIPAA Myths
"My friend told me that we have to use beepers/a take-a-number system/a waiting room seating chart to call patients in from the waiting room." And, "We heard that we can't talk to other doctors about a patient's care without an authorization," are two common myths about HIPAA compliance. Find out the truth by reading this handout.

Are You Ready For HIPAA?
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