Agent 77 specializes in providing easy to use, practical and affordable solutions for HIPAA and other compliance issues facing employers and their health plans. Our unique approach makes compliance and industry tracking activities understandable and affordable.

HIPAANow! Choice is the most unique and best value HIPAA compliance solution available. It gives you:

• All the tools you need for compliance

• All in one CD-ROM, for the your plan(s) specific needs

• All for one price ($250 or less) that beats the manuals,
_websites, consultants and attorneys.

Our interactive CD-ROM contains your electronic HIPAA “coach” that instructs you through each step of the process. It starts with a simple assessment to determine the key characteristics of your health plan(s), and then selects the HIPAANow! Choice solution tailored to fit your situation.

Each solution has step-by-step instructions for compliance with each of the three parts of the law (Transactions, Privacy, and Security), along with complete documentation (policies, procedures, job descriptions) already written for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions, sign and date policies, train appropriate staff and you’re done!

And it doesn’t stop there. HIPAANow! Choice gives you free product updates to keep you informed of the latest changes to the law. If you would like our consultants to help you, customer support is available to answer questions and provide guidance when you need it. See for yourself how it easy it is with our guided tour of HIPAANow! Choice.

Make your best decision for HIPAA compliance…HIPAA
Now! Choice.

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